ALPINE water – alkaline water

Alpine Water

ALPINE water -high quality alkaline water with a high pH of 8,0 and low mineral content has the ideal composition for the daily drinking regime of all age groups, especially for those people suffering from diseases of the blood-vessels and with cardiovascular system problems. The water is filled in our company ST.MARTINUS, Austria, in the village Donnerskirchen, situated at the foot of the Cisalpine mountains. This high-quality alkaline water is also used for the production of our special and unique soft drink WINIS nature.

The human blood PH ranges from 7.35 to 7.45

Lower PH results in the body´s hyperacidity. Food rich in meat and fat and various sweet soft drinks with large quantities of sugar create acid condition (acidosis) which may later evolve into diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Many problems in the human body are caused by excessive use of kitchen salt which results in high blood pressure and various chronic diseases of the kidneys.

In such cases as these, it is good to drink water with a high pH with a low content of sodium (Na) – max. 20 mg/l. 

Our high-quality pure  ALPINE water may prevent the body´s hyperacidity and its consequences as its pH is 8,0 and it only comprises 9.5 mg/l of sodium (Na) and also other minerals are present in low values which makes this vitalizing liquid of very high quality.

The alkaline water establishes balance, sets the body´s chemistry and has a positive impact and effect on bodily fluids and improves the quality of life.


Basic specifications of the water :

Sodium Na         9,0                Manganese Mn      <0,005                 Magnesium Mg           17,1                     Pottasium K           2,5                           Iron Fe            <0,01                         Calcium Ca          71,0

pH : 8,0

Total mineral content: 296 mg/l

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