The Present


ST. MARTINUS is situated in the heart of Burgenland in Austria – one of the best areas for growing grapes, the juice of which is used for the production of our unique soft drink WINIS nature.

The production and warehouse premises of ST. MARTINUS were gradually reconstructed over several stages after 1939 and upgraded by adding a new cellar which significantly increased capacity. At present, the total area of cellars is 2.1 million litres and the compound is divided into:

- bottom part of 1,950 m² (underground):

underground cellars for storing the grape juice and other components needed for the soft drinks production with the capacity

- upper part of 1,450 m² (ground floor):

1. Filling high-quality drinking water with low mineral content
ALPINE water with a high pH of 8,0.
2. Production and filling the soft drink based on grape juice
WINIS nature

- external area of 2,000 m².