Burgenland is the easternmost and, at the same time, the youngest federal state of Austria. The decision to connect Burgenland to Austria was adopted in 1918 after the dissolution of the Austria-Hungarian Empire.

The most visited place in Burgenland is undoubtedly the area of the largest steppe lake in Europe, Neusiedlersee, which is a natural reservation registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Each year, thousands of people come to see the lake and admire its natural beauty. In addition to the lake, Burgenland has up to 3,500 kilometres of rivers.

Not only the geological and geomorphological variety of the area is unique. The country offers space for life to many unique species of animals and plants coming from the area of Pannonia, the Alps and the Mediterranean, and they live here together.

Burgenland is the region where the company ST. MARTINUS is established and it also offers great natural conditions for the production of its soft drinks.

Hot soil, a rich and sunny Pannonian climate, little rainfall, long summers and mild autumns create the optimum conditions for the ripening of grapes with valuable contents for the production of grape juice used in our unique soft drinks WINIS nature. Cisalpine mountains in this region and their geological basis in certain areas provide high quality drinking water with low content of minerals and high pH.