WINIS nature

Winis NatureWINIS  nature“, is in fact a unique and specific product due to its content as a refreshing fizzy soft-drink produced from grape juice according to its own recipe; the drink has a very pleasant taste and aroma. As the drink is produced without any

stabilisers, artificial colouring agents and artificial sweeteners and it is pasteurised,

thanks to its composition it is ideal for daily drinking for all age categories; it is suitable for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Drink ingredients: grape must (12.5% min.), tannin, organic acids, grape sugar (13% min.), sugar, water.

Vitamins and minerals are comprised in the drink in their natural form, depending on their content in the grape juice. All the substances in the drink have a positive impact on the human body’s development, its metabolism and digestion.

Preservative additive: E 200-sorbic acid. It is the only preservative additive which can in general be determined as non-harmful.

The shelf life of „WINIS nature“ is 12 months from the production date.

The biggest success of the product so far has been the GOLD MEDAL awarded at the international food exhibition in Moscow. 

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